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Membrane Diamond Anvill Cell questionnaire

Membrane Diamond Anvil Cell

Thanks you for your interest in our products and for letting us know about your specific needs.

We would be pleased to send you a quotation if you could give us more informations about your experimental configuration by answering the following questionnaire.

Membrane Diamond Anvill Cell

 20 µm 130 µm
 40 µm 200 µm
 60 µm 260 µm
 85 µm 300 µm
 100 µm Above

 1 GPa 100 GPa
 10 GPa 150 GPa
 30 GPa Above
 50 GPa

 Visible Single crystal X-ray diffraction
 Raman Powder X-ray diffraction
 Infra red Radial diffraction
 Brillouin X-ray spectroscopy
 Laser heating
Diamond Anvil (100) Oriented

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