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Optical transfer questionnaire

Optical transfer

Thanks you for your interest in our products and for letting us know about your specific needs.

We would be pleased to send you a quotation if you could give us more informations about your experimental configuration by answering the following questionnaire.

 Optical transfer [TRANS]

 XYZ Stage [XYZ3]
 V-Bloc [V-BLOC]

 Optical fiber (1 or 2 m) SMA to Ø5 [FIB02] Optical fiber (4 m) [FIB04]
 Optical fiber (3 m) SMA to Ø5 [FIB03] Neon Source [NEON1]
 Optical fiber (3 m) SMA to SMA [FIB03-SMA] Other

 Extension 50 mm [050 181]
 Extension 100 mm 90° [050 182]
 Extension magnification x 2 [050 1850]

 Eyepiece X10 [OCX10] Camera support fixed [SCCF]
 Eyepiece X20 [OCX20] Other
 Digital camera USB [CAM05]

 Objective X5 WD 35 mm [OBX5] Objective X50 WD 12.7 mm [OBX50]
 Objective X10 WD 33.5 mm [OBX10] Other
 Objective X20 WD 20 mm [OBX20]

 Shutter laser [OBT01] Filter 0,5 Dens 250-700 nm [43206]
 Module for variable circular filter [PFR01] Filter 1,0 Dens 250-700 nm [43207]
 Variable filter 0 to 2 Dens 400-700 nm [43761] Filter 1,5 Dens 250-700 nm [43209]

 Blue laser 50mW 405 nm [D405-50D-CF]

 Power supply [ALIM405]
 Power supply variable laser [ALIM405VAR]
 Power supply variable with display [ALIM405VAR-AFF]
 Power supply controled by software [ALIM TRANS USB]

 Pressure Ruby Luminescence BETSA® [MONO01]
 Monochromator Ocean Optics [OO002]

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