BETSA-Membrane Diamond Anvil Cell - BETSA® - All for very high pressure experiments

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Anvil Cell
These Membrane Diamond Anvil Cell are aimed
at performing high pressure experiments at a large range of temperatures.

All these Membrane Diamond Anvil Cells
Designed, Manufactured and Produced by
BETSA® Company


Here is the BETSA® cells family. It may be possible to adapt any of these for your specific needs.
Here are the characteristics allowing the choice of your DAC.
Pressure range:
from 0.2 -2 GPa
5-50 GPa.
50-100 GPa.
>100 GPa.
200 to >500GPa.

Temperature range:
Low temperature: 4K to 450K.
Room temperature
High temperature: > RT,  up to 1000K continuous.
(External and/or internal heating)
Very high temperature: laser heating.

Area of experience:
Visible - Single crystal - Powder X-ray diffraction.
Radial diffraction.
Brillouin X-ray spectroscopy.
Laser heating.

Experience environment:
Laboratory or Synchrotron (the choice of the DAC is made according to the temperature device; cryostat, internal/external resistive, laser source...)

Pressure drive type:
Manual pressure using screws (by manual screw and/or gearbox screw)
Pressure using membrane (membrane and/or screw combined)
BETSA® offers a wide range of DACs.
Simply because each cell is unique.

At BETSA® there are of course standard DACs that can meet your needs.

May it be better that they are designed always having the need for experience.
You will find below some of our emblematic cells
Most commonly used by the entire High Pressure community
Other examples of atypical cells are shown below

All these MDAC are Designed, Manufactured and Produced byBETSA® Company
All these MDAC are Designed, Manufactured and Produced byBETSA® Company
You will find below some of our SPECIAL cells
All these MDAC are Designed, Manufactured and Produced byBETSA® Company
Membrane Diamond Anvil Cell Questionnaire
We would be pleased to send you a quotation if you could give us more informations about
your experimental configuration by answering the following questionnaire.
 20µm 100µm 260µm
 50µm 130µm 330µm
 75µm 200µm Above
 1 GPa 30 GPa 100 GPa
 10 GPa 50 GPa Above
 Below 10K Room Temp. 1000K
 10K 450K Above
 Visible Powder X-ray diffraction Brillouin
 Raman Radial diffraction Other
 Laser heating X-ray spectroscopy
 Single crystal X-ray diffraction Infra red
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